Thank you for participating
in this program! 

Staff and residents at group homes
deserve our gratitude and support!

What better way than with pizza
or a
Valentine’s Day card?

We are so grateful to DOMINO’S PIZZA, who jumped at the chance to partner with us!  There are 110 locations across Massachusetts, ready to support our mission!

Here’s how our pizza program works.
For holiday cards, please click on “Agencies” in the menu.

  1. You order an E-GIFT CARD in increments of $25* on the Domino’s pizza website.  Please follow these instructions on the order form:
      1. Please make sure you follow these instructions exactly as written.
      2. Choose an amount in increments of $25.
      3. Under “Personalize”
          • choose “This is a gift”
          • first name: Group
          • last name: Home
          • nickname: Group Home Pizza
          • from: your name
          • recipient email:
          • personal message: whatever you’d like to say. This field is required!
      4. Click “Send Now” then “Add to Cart.”  Follow directions to checkout.
  2. We receive the certificate via email.
    You will receive a confirmation email that the card has been delivered.  This is your receipt.  You will not hear from us again unless we have a question.
  3. We will distribute the certificates to provider agencies who contact us through this site.  Letters are being sent to all providers in MA who operate group homes that serve DDS individuals, to inform them of the opportunity.
    • If you know of a provider who would like to participate, please contact us and let us know who to direct the email to!  Please note: we are asking each provider for one agency contact: PLEASE DO NOT send us individual group home manager names!

      *Why $25 increments?
      Domino’s offers a “Perfect Combo Deal” that IS perfect for up to 4 people.  The deal includes 2 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, 16-piece Parmesan Bread Bites, 8 Piece Cinnamon Twists and a 2 Liter of Coke for $19.99.  A $25 e-gift card will cover one Perfect Combo Deal, including tax.  Recipients will not be required to order this deal, but this may make ordering easy for staff.If you order a e-gift card for any amount, the balances will remain on the card until it is used up!  So yes, feel free to order a $500 e-gift card if you’d like!
    1. We are sending these e-gift cards to designated contacts at provider agencies, not to families and not to individual group homes.
    2. We are not responsible for directing e-gift cards to specific agencies or homes.  We cannot collect the private addresses of group homes for security purposes.
    3. We promise to distribute the e-gift cards fairly and responsibly.
    4. We are not an entity or organization: we are 2 Moms: Anna Eves and Cheryl Ryan Chan –  who pulled this together to support our beloved staff and loved ones who are working so hard right now.  We are not benefitting in any way by setting this up.  We are unable to provide any letter acknowledging your gift for tax purposes.
    5. You are participating in this program freely and with the understanding that this is a volunteer opportunity with no financial or other benefits to you. By participating, you will not hold Anna Eves or Cheryl Chan liable for any part of this program. You have the choice to participate in this program, but if you would prefer to do something for your own loved one’s group home, we highly encourage you to do so and show your love and gratitude!
    6. We will be unable to share your name as the gift-giver; all e-gift cards will be sent with “deepest gratitude from families, friends and supporters across Massachusetts, for the dedication and strength you are providing each other at this time.”